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Women's Ministry

Dr. Iris W. Davis

Christian Women Council

The Christian Women Council (CWC) teaches and encourages women to live holy. Their goals instill a sense of “unity” and purpose in our Christian walk as holy women of God. They stress the roles of love and fellowship, so that our witnessing will be faithful to the will of God.

The overall purposes of the CWC are to provide spiritual and natural support of the church through instruction and training of women above age of 40, of both the “seasoned saint” and of those who are “babes in Christ"; promote the love of God, love mankind, love of the work of the Lord; promote a spirit of oneness; and promote individual and collective spiritual stability, for greater effectiveness in women’s work, for the spiritual growth of the church in general.


The Hospitality Committee (HC) is a group of women organized on behalf of the Women’s Department and cultivate the art of entertaining strangers, visitors and special guests. This committee is of vital importance. The HC should consist of women who are lovers of people, given to hospitality, enjoy making others happy through the giving of gifts, preparing dinners, entertaining guests, etc.

Young Women's Christian Council - Young Women on the Move for Christ

The Young Women's Christian Council (YWCC) is an organization of young women whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves to rendering greater Christian service. All stages of life with its many passions, successes and oft-times, depressions, necessitate a firm concentration on God.

This is the training and development center for the Christian woman’s work. Here young women are trained to be auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors, good homemakers, lovers of their own husbands, ministers’ wives and mighty women in Zion. The Young Women’s Ministry stimulates the young ladies of the church to be faithful and committed to God, the church, the family and society. This ministry teaches young women it’s all right to be saved and still enjoy life.

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